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I decided to move the blog over to blogspot. It seems really user friendly and it lets me upload videos for free so here is our new address

Same name, just blogspot instead of wordpress. Hope to see you there!


5 Years Old? What! When Did That Happen?!

On Friday my little man turned 5! I really can’t believe it! Some days I forget how big he is getting because I still think of him as my little boy. Some days I just love him so much and other days I still love him but it is much harder ūüėČ He is such a sweet, sensitive little boy which is usually good but if something goes wrong he can totally flip out (it’s the Lester side of him). He is super helpful, smart, intuitive, and completely stubborn (he might get that from me). He is an awesome hugger, an amazing big brother, definitely not a morning person (that’s probably from me too), and I wouldn’t change any of him for the whole world.

For his birthday we were thinking of going down to St George to go to the big indoor aquatic center they have but it didn’t open until one and Jake had to be back before five for pep band so we decided to just stick around here.¬† After Ethan went to bed the night before his birthday we got some balloons and tied them to one of his presents and set it at the bottom of the stairs so he would see it as soon as he woke up.¬† Well he came running down the stairs and straight in to tell us that it was his birthday.¬† He didn’t even stop to look at the balloon or the present. I don’t know if he didn’t notice them or if he was just so excited to remind us of his birthday that he didn’t care.¬† After he talked to us for a minute he went back out and got the balloons and present. Being the great big brother he is, and knowing his little sister would want a balloon he untied all the balloons (there were 1 mylar and 2 regular) then gave both of the regular balloons to Olivia and just kept the mylar one for himself because it was red and red is his favorite color.

He opened the present and it was Phineas and Ferb walkie-talkies. Of course he immediately had to try them out and they were great. He loved them and they were super kid friendly, not a lot of buttons to mess with, just one knob to turn it on/off¬† and one button to talk. We let him choose whatever he wanted for breakfast and surprisingly he chose pancakes. It’s surprising because usually if you give him a choice he will choose cold cereal every time. He decided that since it was his birthday he wanted a birthday cake shaped pancake so Jake gave it a shot. While he was waiting for breakfast to get made I decided to let him open another present. The one he chose to open turned out to be the camera attachment for his Leapster Explorer. (Side note: One of the reasons I chose the explorer over the other video games available was because they had just come out with this new camera/video recorder attachment. Ethan has been wanting a camera of his own for awhile but I didn’t want to get him a real camera and all the “kid-tough” type cameras were over $50. This leapster camera attachment was only $20! It does photos, videos, and came with editing tools, games etc that you can use with your photos. Definitely a must for anyone with a leapster explorer)

He wandered around taking pictures of everything he could find! Jake, Olivia, me, the dog, his balloons, our Christmas tree in the backyard. Literally everything he could find. Then I showed him the different editing tools that came with the camera and of course he had to play with those too.¬† Finally we made him sit down and but he couldn’t eat until he had taken a picture of his pancake using his new camera.

He didn’t like the cakes shape at first because he said he didn’t want it to look like it was on a plate so he cut off the two sides at the bottom so that it was just a square cake with candles. Not that it really mattered because he immediately poured syrup all over it and cut it up so it was just a bunch of pancakes pieces but whatever. After breakfast we let him open another present and it was a wii mini golf game so he and Jake had to go try it out. They played for a little bit while I tried to get some work done and then we headed over to caliente to play at Ethan’s favorite park.

It has I think 6 or 7 slides (Ethan’s favorite), various tunnel areas, a little rock wall, and tons of stuff to climb on and play with. It’s the same park we usually stop at for 10-15 minutes whenever we have to run to Calienete and the same one where the kids played in the leaves. We decided we would play there for as long as Ethan wanted and then go get some lunch at his favorite place to eat out “the ice cream place” which is really a local fast food place that we stop at sometimes to get ice cream cones (hence it’s nickname). Olivia fell asleep on the way to Caliente so¬†Jake and I¬†actually got to spend almost an hour just playing around with Ethan which is pretty rare and something I think he really enjoyed (Olivia slept in the car just off the right side of this picture).

There were a couple of spots on the playground that still had a little ice on them because they were constantly shaded and Ethan found a piece of on one of the slides and of course had to eat. Gross! Olivia finally woke up and she came out to play for a little while and had a great time climbing around chasing Ethan, going down the slides with her big brother, and just getting to play outside. 

Eventually we all decided we were hungry and headed out to eat but Ethan said that was the funnest time he ever had at a park.

After lunch we went home to have cake and open presents. When I asked him if he wanted cake or cupcakes he told me he didn’t want either, he wanted cheesecake.

Like mother like son I guess! He blew out the candle and then got down to the business of opening presents.

Everyone was way too generous of course and he got way too many presents but he was so excited about all of them and kept saying,”Thank you to them! I love this gift!”

And of course he was very free with the hugs after he opened his presents.

What am I going to do when my little bug grows up?

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January 7, 2010

The first weekend of December my BFF and her hubby blessed their baby¬†in Ephraim and since it was the week before Jake’s directorial debut he figured he better stay and direct the final few practices for his play. So¬†once again a single mother for the weekend, I loaded up the kids and headed North. I am always so thankful that my kids are good travelers most of the time but even more thankful that I am not a full time single mother because I would probably go crazy. Anyway, we got there Friday afternoon and my mom decided that while we were there she would have my kids help them decorate for Christmas since they didn’t have any decorations up yet. Well Saturday morning comes along and Emily and I¬†are roped into carrying all the decorations up from the basement. I never realized how much Christmas stuff my mom has! I think it has possibly doubled since I lived there 10 years ago. As we were looking for all the Christmas stuff we found a box of old Halloween costumes. As Emily and I reminisced about the old costumes we had worn many many years ago (a giant Clifford costume that she could maybe still squeeze into, or the many times I was a witch or princess because I just didn’t care that much about Halloween), Ethan started trying stuff on.

This was his favorite thing that he found and he proceeded to wear that goofy mask off and on all day long.

We finally got all the stuff upstairs and Ethan started helping my mom set up her Christmas village. Once that got set up my dad brought the tree in and Ethan was so excited to decorate another tree. My parents have nice glass ornaments (why I don’t know, we have the super cheap unbreakable kind and they are great!) so we had to instruct Ethan to hang anything breakable as high as he could reach so that Olivia wouldn’t get them. They did have a few wooden and plastic ones that we let Olivia hang on the lower part of the tree which made the tree look a little¬†mismatched (I wish I had gotten a picture of it, but alas).¬† Eventually a couple of boxes were emptied and what do you do¬†with big empty boxes? Play in the them of course!

I’m not sure how much help they were, but they sure enjoyed themselves!

A couple days after we put the tree up I had gone in my room to sort out some laundry and when I came out I couldn’t see the kids anywhere. As I walked past the living room on my way to the laundry room I could hear them but still didn’t see them so I figured they were just playing in Olivia’s room by her closet or somewhere that wasn’t visible from the hallway. After I loaded up the washer I went into Olivia’s room to tell the kids it was time to get dressed but they weren’t there. It was then that I realized the giggling I was hearing was coming from the living room so I peeked around the corner and there they were.

Two little legs sticking out from under our tree.  This spot became their very favorite place to hang out for the last month. Every morning after breakfast, one or both of them would crawl back and lay down and inevitably the other would join in. This next picture was probably a week and half after we put of the tree. (Notice the boxes and ornaments by the tree? The boxes had ornaments in them that Ethan would put a few more on every day and Olivia of course, would take them off)

This one was about a week before Christmas. They had taken a small pillow and a few books in there so they could have some “quiet time to spend reading and relaxing” as Ethan put it.

It doesn’t look they they are reading and relaxing to me! What a couple of goofy kids!

Decorating for Christmas

Later that night, after the great tree hunt we decided the only time Jake was going to have to¬†help decorate was probably going to be that night so we hurried and had a quick dinner then started hauling all our Christmas decorations down from the storage room. Jake immediately got to work putting the lights and tinsel on the tree. Ethan immediately got to work putting the lights and tinsel on himself and Olivia. Unfortunately he wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to get a picture of him but I got one of Olivia before she got away.

Since she had taken such a long nap while we searched for the tree we decided to let her stay up at least until Jake got all the lights and tinsel on. She seemed pretty awestruck when we turned off all the lights in the house and turned the tree lights on. She kept saying “ooh” and “wow” over and over.

Because it ended up being so late by the time we got that done we decided it would be better to decorate the tree in the morning. Ethan loves to decorate the tree so much that I pretty much let him do whatever he wants with it. In a few more years he will probably care less about it so I figure I better enjoy it now while I still can!

Olivia being the total copy cat she is, she had to get in on the action too. She had a hard time getting the hang of actually getting the ornaments on the tree but she managed to get a few to stay on.  

Of course we hung everything glass or sentimental starting about halfway up the tree and it’s a good thing we did because at least once a day she would undecorate the tree and Ethan would redecorate it. I don’t think anything within her reach stayed in the same spot for more than 24 hours.

Later that afternoon when Jake was home from school he decided he better get the lights up outside before it snowed. I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready when I heard a knock on one of the windows. Thinking it was Jake needing my help, I walked into our entry way and this is what I found when I looked up.

The sconce light you see in the very bottom left hand corner is about 9-10 feet up on the side wall of our entry. Ethan had crawled out the window behind Jake and was just sitting on the roof watching him hang up the lights. Thankfully Jake actually knew he was there so he was keeping an eye on him and the roof he was on is over our porch and is relatively flat. Scared the crap out of me for a second but he has been around us building this house for more of his life than not, so for a not quite 5 year old he is pretty safety conscious. I’d probably trust him staying safe up there more than I would a lot of people!